Hidden away in the beautiful

Pewsey Vale, a unique and eco-friendly    pop-up venue for weddings 

and other events.


Let us work with you so that you can really enjoy creating a venue and event

that is special and bespoke to you.


Wagons & Fire


Me at work in my studio

The Future


Wagons and Fire is having a facelift and will be taking a few months sabbatical from marketing.  


We have decided to concentrate on smaller informal weddings with no loud music.  We will also be restricting the number of weddings to a maximum of three a year.  The maximum of guests allowed will be 80.  


We have our own yellow marquee (see pictures) which has space for 50 people seated on benches at 5 trestle tables.  These can be moved for dancing after the meal.


The philosphy of the weddings will be similar as before with plenty of time (Friday noon to Sunday noon) and space (for camping and campervans).


If you are interested please send an email to James at  These emails will be acknowledged on receipt but will not be fully responded wih regard making a viewing date until later in the autumn this year.